Must-haves to Pack for a Hiking Adventure

Must-haves to Pack for a Hiking Adventure

The great outdoors is such an alluring reason to hike and experience the beauty of nature. Hiking gives you the peace and serenity while, also, reconnecting you to the roots of Mother Earth. Even if you are only trekking short distances, there are important things that you need to prepare before exploring that favorite hike trail. Here are the 5 must-haves to pack for a hiking adventure.

Pack for a Hiking Adventure


This is a must-have duo pack because this will tell you where you at all times and will let you know the nearest campgrounds, emergency exits and rest houses. If you’re the techie type then you can bring a GPS, but it has been proven and tested that the old school navigation with a compass still does the trick.


Choose the right footwear based on the trail that you’re going to take. Pack an extra pair of socks so if you happen to cross a river or step on a deep puddle, you can easily change the wet socks to avoid having blisters. If the weather is mild, you don’t need to wear gloves but still pack a pair so your hands won’t numb if ever the weather decides to change. Pack a rain gear, too, for protection from rain since the weather in the mountains usually is unpredictable. And always wear a hat because it can give you a shield from both the heat of the sun and the droplets of rain.


Hours of hiking is not an easy job for the body, that’s why you need to replenish lost fluids by drinking water a lot in the whole duration of your trip. Bring extra bottles or get a handy but reliable water filter to avoid contracting any diseases from water with unknown source. Food is an important part of your adventure, too, because it fuels you with the energy you need to finish the trip. Pack granola bars, fruits, bread and candies to your backpack, aside from the high energy, you will benefit from it too when your hike takes longer than expected.


A whistle is effective in calling for help. A first aid kit is an essential item but make sure you also have the knowledge to actually perform a first aid. A flashlight will help you read your guidebook and find your way if it gets too dark already. A lightweight emergency blanket can help warm your body from the cold and can also act as a temporary shelter for unexpected rain. Something that can create fire like a waterproof matchsticks with a D-I-Y tinder of cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly would be beneficial to prevent hypothermia.


A Swiss Army knife is the best handy dandy tool to save you from all sorts of situations. Invest in a good quality knife because it may be your life saver.

The choice of places to go for a hike is limitless because almost every country on Earth has a popular hiking destination. What is constant are the must-haves that you need to prepare and pack in order to enjoy your hiking adventure.

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